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Three weekends ago I went with my girlfriend Sara to Canada for her citizenship ceremony. It also was the birthday weekend for my brother and sister, and as there was lots to celebrate, we went to get Phil’s Original BBQ downtown, followed by drinks at the restaurant “i feel like crepe.” (Props to whichever person […]

2×2 Grids


In conducting research, drawing 2-by-2 grids has some sort of magical power over me. One typical example occurs on page 4 of a paper by me and my colleague Deepc; it looks something like: approximation ratio Packing problems Covering problems k constraints per variable Θ(k) Θ(log k) k variables per constraint n k For me, […]

Metal Trees


Roxy Paine’s sculpture “Defunct” (photo, Nicole Marti) There were a couple of seminars today and one mentioned a result giving the following interesting corollary. Suppose we have a graph , and with each edge e we associate three numbers which we interpret in the following way: to construct edge e we need to use kilograms […]