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Unique Unicode


A few months ago, Unicode 6 was released. Check that your browser can display the following important technical information: 🍆 ‘AUBERGINE’ (U+1F346) 🍁 ‘MAPLE LEAF’ (U+1F341) 🙊 ‘SPEAK-NO-EVIL MONKEY’ (U+1F64A) 🏩 ‘LOVE HOTEL’ (U+1F3E9) 😻 ‘SMILING CAT FACE WITH HEART-SHAPED EYES’ (U+1F63B) You will need to install the font Symbola, the only one I know […]

In January, I took a series of trips to three different workshops, and brought home the following three souvenirs. Aussois, France: Piste Noire Bière Amère (bitter), Brasserie de Cimes Zinal, Switzerland: Rousse, Sierrvoise Gyöngyöstarján, Hungary: Szürkebarát Olaszrizling, Mátra In the actual seminars, one of the more educational presentations was by a Hungarian, but not in Hungary; Gábor […]