Golden Treasure of Rome


This weekend I took a vacation with Sara to Rome as it was the best and cheapest EasyJet destination from Geneva. There is a series of historical areas there — the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill, and the Forum — which have a joint 2-day entry ticket, and they offer a very expansive set of ruins & museums where you can walk around. The Farnese Gardens there include a mythical beast, at least mythical to me since I have been oft told about it, but never seen it. Namely, bitter oranges!

As you can see, the guards of the orange trees were busy sunning themselves. Unrelated to this, bitter orange juice just might be delicious when squeezed on to lamb pieces, cooked in a pan with some chili flakes, butter, and olive oil, and served with roasted vegetable couscous, but naturally this is pure speculation on my part. The trip was helped by this exhaustive list of ~50 great Roman eateries a blogger kindly updates every few months. Highlights for me included spaghetti carbonara at Da Danilo, oxtail stew served in a pizza-pita hybrid at 00100, and breakfast pastry from Regoli. Regoli’s long take-a-number queue reminded me of Mike’s Pasty in Boston’s North End, and it was worth the wait!


One Response to “Golden Treasure of Rome”

  1. Wonder why we thought of you when we watched the latest south park with padmini…

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