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I am working with a colleague on an instructional programming website. One upcoming lesson is about strings and characters. Back in the day, one of the highlights for me after learning ASC and CHR in Basic was to print out all 256 of the ascii characters. You would see funky things with accents ö, mutant […]

Pursuant to my previous post on alternative career paths for math students, I should mention that there is a vibrant range of careers on stealing and splitting necklaces, and proving related theorems. For example, a pair of drunken post-docs break in to the Swatch store and steal a necklace with k different types of gems on […]

Llanfair P. G.


A few weeks ago I attended a conference in Liverpool on algorithms. I had a paper in the “WAOA” workshop, on the problem of setting up a min-cost k-edge-connected graph (which means, even if k-1 of the network cables fail, the remaining graph should be connected). This was part of a conjoined set of conferences […]