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Random Canadian Math PhD #1: Last week, I went to the For Noise music festival near Lausanne. That particular night there were three acts: Local Natives, Jonsí (from Sigur Rós), and Caribou. Caribou is a Canadian artist named Dan Snaith (formerly known as Manitoba up until some legal issues arose), who got a math PhD […]

The week before last, I was attending the 70th birthday conference for Endre Szemerédi in Budapest, Hungary. (His birthday is the same as my mom’s!?!) Afterwards we vacationed there for a few days including some spelunking, a massive spa, and lots of tasty food. One food item was particularly cool, kürtőskalács, which is a pastry […]

EPFL DISOPT trip to Rochers-de-Naye (July 16) Tasty Tasty Cookery (July 22) Gruyères (July 25) Cousin Jenn’s Wedding (July 31) Budapest (August 2)