I arrived yesterday in Switzerland to start a post-doc in Lausanne! I bypassed the well-documented vicious bank-residency-apartment cycle (I paid my first rent in cash and went off-campus where normal banks require an address+passport but not a residency card to set up an account) and am now well-situated in a boarding house in Ecublens, a 20 minute walk from my office. On my way down the hill (Ecublens is basically a hill) I saw the photo at right, which is I think a point multiplier for the European release of Grand Theft Auto.

I had some problems leaving—when the Swiss consulate mailed out my passport, it was lost (Canada Post had no data for the tracking number written on the Expresspost envelope). Dear Canada, I’m flattered, but you should let me leave, I promise to come back! In fact I am keeping in touch with home by listening to streaming radio episodes of CBC 2’s The Signal. In an unprecedented bureaucratic feat, I was able to apply for an urgent passport at the Kitchener passport office and get it with 1 day turnaround.

Living at a boarding house (an arrangement my research group’s administrator found) is new for me, and a little weird at first since I’m used to cooking a lot. However, it’s nice to meet a few other guys around my age living here and the owner of the house seems to cook very tasty food, so I won’t be in an extreme rush to find an apartment. Starting tomorrow I am off to the skiing town of Zinal, Switzerland for a 4-day workshop. In closing, here is a picture of a random horse I saw on the way to school.

Horsing around near Ecublens


8 Responses to “Switzerland”

  1. 1 Mariel

    Hey Dave! It looks awesome – glad to hear the trip and move-in went well for you!

  2. 2 kats

    Weird, not too long ago I applied for a US visa and Canada Post lost my passport as well when they mailed it back to me!

    • Canada Post sent me a $109 refund cheque — $9 for the envelope and $100 is the maximum insurance (actually replacing the passport was more like $150) — be sure to get some bling from them if you can!

  3. Heya Dave,
    If you wanna visit Zürich just drop an email!


  4. 7 Brian

    Now that you’ve earned your Ph.D., it’s time to add yourself into the Mathematics Genealogy Project 😛

    I was going to do it for you, but I couldn’t find your MathSciNet ID (stupid subscriptions…) and can’t figure out if you got the degree in 2009 or 2010…

    • Apparently it’s 872238. If anyone yells that number at me on the street I guess I should learn to respond! I submitted the info to that site 🙂

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