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Trivia question: pick a random person. Conditioned on the event that they live in a country with both French and English as official languages, what is the probability they live in Canada? I took French classes in school from grade 5 to grade 12, most years of which were mandatory. But I have barely used […]



I arrived yesterday in Switzerland to start a post-doc in Lausanne! I bypassed the well-documented vicious bank-residency-apartment cycle (I paid my first rent in cash and went off-campus where normal banks require an address+passport but not a residency card to set up an account) and am now well-situated in a boarding house in Ecublens, a […]



A while ago Waterloo got it’s first Mexican restaurant; the population has now doubled thanks to the restaurant Margarita’s in uptown Waterloo, at the corner of King and Erb. It seems to be aimed at the non-student crowd, as entrees are priced at about $15. I had some questions for the waiter who gave me some […]