Pork Jello, Jamie Oliver’s a Jerk


Do: make ribs. I made Alton Brown’s recipe for three racks in the past few days. He goes on for a while in the episode Pork Fiction aka A Rib for all Seasons about how the “lip-smackin’ gelatin” is the key to the ribs. I kept some of the extra cooking liquids after making a batch: it’s now a porky jello!

Bill Cosby would be proud

Don’t: buy the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker. It is meant to crush spices, emulsify salad dressings, and make pastes, by shaking a ceramic ball with ingredients inside a hollow plastic pear-shaped thing. I bought one and use it infrequently but finally threw it out as the ball constantly chips the plastic inside.

Do: have a tasty holiday!


2 Responses to “Pork Jello, Jamie Oliver’s a Jerk”

  1. 1 Toby

    Is your TCO shirt backwards?

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