Epic Wins and a Fail


I defended my PhD thesis one week ago! (Successfully!) Although I am not finished until I complete my thesis revisions, being past the most stressful 2 hours is excellent and I enjoyed getting to see some talks from visitors on the same day.

Other epic wins:

  • I got to visit Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University 2 weeks ago to visit my old friend Andrew and give a talk at the CS Theory Lunch (free burrito included)
  • The UW Grad Student Association website no longer needs to be manually updated every time we leap ahead/fall back for Daylight Savings Time thanks to WordPress being awesome and a few minutes of additional php hacking on my part
  • Saw a holiday brass concert and some roof-based fiddling in Toronto last week, the first play I have seen in quite a long time. According to Wikipedia, the original Fiddler ran more than 3000 times! I get bored of doing something three times…

Epic fail: I lost one glove over the weekend! Have you seen it?


3 Responses to “Epic Wins and a Fail”

  1. 1 Mariel

    Congrats about finishing your thesis! I also lost a glove, so if you find one that’s not yours, you might send it my way.

  2. 2 k3v

    Congrats! Where are you headed after Waterloo?

    Best way to celebrate your epic fail is to lose another glove. For free!

  3. Thanks y’all! Free stuff will always catch my eye! I’m going to EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, for a research post-doc, starting in the middle of January.

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