Bound to Be a Good Time


I got my (draft) thesis printed and bound this week on Waterloo’s “espresso” book printer. It was fast, convenient, and cost about $10/copy (it turns out to be 60% the cost of printing it the normal spiral-bound way at the print shop). The only drawback I found is that there are still some bugs in the printing process: several fraction lines didn’t show up in the printing. Here’s a youtube of the printer in action.

Update: now with bacon


4 Responses to “Bound to Be a Good Time”

  1. 1 k3v

    Nice! I wish they had this when I was there. You know I don’t even have my thesis printed/bound yet…

  2. Congrats man!
    I hope a few fraction lines missing did not ruin the moment!

    You have a really cool blog, keep going!

  3. 3 sara

    That is great; congrats Dave! 🙂 nom nom for the bacon 😉

  4. “Linear programming tools & approximation algorithms for combinatorial optimization”

    has a nice ring to it!

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