Selling Out To The Man


I am in Chicago this week for the International Symposium on Mathematical Programming. I have found that the chain restaurants (which I am defining as 3 locations or more) here are pretty awesome:

whereas the non-chain restaurants are batting only about 50%

  • Fox & Obel gourmet supermarket was great and cheap for lunch
  • some overpriced Italian restaurant
  • tasty crawfish boil & green tomatoes at Lagniappe’s
  • horribly awful overpriced Caesar salad on the “miracle mile” street

It is sort of sad since it means that the more fun strategy of “go randomly walk around until you find some awesome hole-in-the-wall” doesn’t seem to work that well downtown.

The conference itself is very large (several hundred presentations) but relaxed since the talks are 30 minutes, longer than most others I have been to before. I gave a presentation which went well, it was on pretty specialized technical material but helpful advice to make it non-technical seemed to pay off. It has been nice to just focus on research this week, I believe the last such week for me was a long time ago!


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