Survivor: Granville Island


Last week I went with a friend to Vancouver andImported Fruit took a day walk to Granville Island, located about a 40 second sea-bus ride from downtown. The island has a number of fanciful shops including a large market, where a few fruits that I have never seen before (and mostly never heard of) caught my eye. After consulting with the purveyor to see which ones I would be able to eat without any preparation, I bought the three things pictured at the right:

  • salak (snake fruit)
  • kalamansi
  • sweet tamarind
Snake fruit

Snake fruit

The snakefruit came with the dire warning “you probably don’t want to smell that, just go right ahead and eat it.” It tasted like lychee, mostly, but firmer with a silky texture (overall, like a slightly unripe peach).

Lately, trying to get some cables and memory to work, I have been annoyed that USB comes in three sizes (normal:mini:micro) and SD memory is the same. I would say that the ratio of limes:key limes:kalamansi basically fits the same pattern. I squeezed it into my water & it was very tasty.

Sweet tamarind

Sweet tamarind

The tamarind was something whose name comes up a lot in foreign cooking, e.g. pad thai, but this one’s different, “a carefully cultivated sweet variety with little to no tartness grown specifically to be eaten as a fresh fruit” according to wikipedia. It has a lot of inedible parts, all very different: the thin hard outer shell (like a peanut shell), a brambly part that connects it all together, husks that contain each individual seed, and the seeds themselves. The edible part is a jam-like substance that is mushed up with the brambly part and around the husks. It tasted like the inside of a fig newton but a million times better, definitely worth the effort to get around the inedible parts.

Granville Island had a bunch of other cool stuff including a brewery, a very small amount of this stuff is in the pictures below.


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