Day of Global Solidarity with Iran


Over the past 6 weeks I have been following the post-election events in Iran. It has been very additctive for me to follow the story of the alleged vote-rigging, attempts to quash protests, and crazy political stuff going on. As a nerd I have been compelled by the fact that the use of electronic media by both sides has been unlike anything seen before: demonstrators use Facebook and Twitter to get out information, while the regime is said to be using technology akin to electronic wire-tapping in order to track down dissidents. But the suffering is real and very serious there, many dissidents have been killed or imprisoned and the regime continues to attack protestors.

Today is a global day of protest for the human and civil rights that the regime has taken away from its citizens. If you want to find out more about these events, or about what’s been going on in general, check out the NIAC Blog or the Huffington Post. The article “How Geeks (and Non-Geeks) Can Help Iranians Online” is a good read. Some places that are looking for financial contributions are counter-censorship projects like Tor, and reporting venues like Tehran Bureau who is looking to hire a translator. Mention the issue to friends if you think it is important!


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