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My work on linear programs led me to read up on colouring arguments and eventually to post some remarks on the arXiv wherein I gave a proof ot the following. (See “graph” and “regular” on Wikipedia. A “spanning subgraph” is what you get when you delete some edges, but keep all the vertices.) For every […]

The Internets


Today, on a news blog that is covering a lot of up-to-date information from Iran, I found an article on how internet bandwidth has been changing since the elections. Here is the picture: I get antsy if my internet access is down for two hours (since this prevents me from downloading an album or two) […]

It’s Summer!


It feels like it took longer than usual to get here, but it’s finally summer! How do I know? Covered in frisbee sweat Cats at my house more persistent than usual in trying to get outside Last year’s mint and chives taking over my backyard My limoncello is ready! I’m not as hardcore as this […]