Figure 1: last night I returned from a conference in Montreal in a car ride involving many sing-alongs.

During the trip I gave a talk at McGill, at an all-David conference. (2 out of 2 speakers.) I will happily be presenting a similar talk at the European Symposium on Algorithms in September! Useless fact of the day: there is only one other David amongst the ~100 authors at that conference. I think my paper is cute, although of its has two main results one was independently matched, and the other seems to now have been surpassed by an exponential factor! This seems positive to me though in the sense that this research area (approximation of integer programs) is active.

I spent a lot of today getting set back up at home. I had to troubleshoot my computer for the first time in a while and it took me several hours to discover that the “Very Expensive Sheraton Wireless” network following me around for the last two weeks was due to a Windows “feature,” thankfully not a virus.

Bella has a fever, and is moving her blog into my own. Hard times!


3 Responses to “Home”

  1. 1 deepc

    “..and the other seems to now have been surpassed by an exponential factor! ”

    Really? By whom?

    • Nitish Korula told me about it, and said it came out of work done with Chandra Chekuri and Alina Ene.

  2. 3 mothership

    To all who love Bella-she’s MUCH better. Lookin’ trimmer, trying to chase squirrels thru the window…..

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