From Alabama to Montreal


My trip last week with the Woburn CI ACSL team has concluded and I’m now in Montreal for a very big conference on discrete applied mathematics. Woburn put in a really stellar performance and got a best-ever result: first place in the Senior and Intermediate divisions and second in the Junior division! The University of Alabama Huntsville, where we stayed, had big, clean & new-looking dorms, but there were a lot of issues in getting internet access (e.g. I had to sit outside the student centre to get it after 6 PM) which makes it extra nice to be able to log in to WordPress to upload this post!

Below are some photos from the trip: above, photos of the students from Mammoth Cave National Park, below a photo of me eating some escargot at Monte Sano State Park (click for full size).


2 Responses to “From Alabama to Montreal”

  1. 1 Mariel

    Wow! Your hair is sooo long! Any plans to visit DC anytime soon?

  2. Next likely time would probably be if I do a post-thesis road trip, which would be around november or december

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