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Figure 1: last night I returned from a conference in Montreal in a car ride involving many sing-alongs. During the trip I gave a talk at McGill, at an all-David conference. (2 out of 2 speakers.) I will happily be presenting a similar talk at the European Symposium on Algorithms in September! Useless fact of the day: there is […]

My trip last week with the Woburn CI ACSL team has concluded and I’m now in Montreal for a very big conference on discrete applied mathematics. Woburn put in a really stellar performance and got a best-ever result: first place in the Senior and Intermediate divisions and second in the Junior division! The University of […]

I am about to go on a two-week voyage, one to Huntsville, Alabama and another to Montreal. It’s been a while since my last b.k.a.t. so I will re-post a proof of The Halting Problem that was recently posted on the Fortnow-Gasarch blog. Here goes: The Halting Problem is Undecidable In Verse By Geoffrey K. […]

Maria Plachta


This blog post is about a very amazing teacher of mine from high school, Maria Plachta, who unfortunately passed away on April 29 due to leukemia, at the age of 55. This post has a little bit of history and some words on why she was so frigging awesome. I first met Mrs P in […]