Deep Fried Love


A big and excellent Valentine’s day party at Tony/Robin/Mehdi’s gave me a chance to test some fryables that, while not good for the heart, are certainly good soul food. Appetizer: deep fried pickles

Deep Fried Pickles

Main course: corn dogs. Both this and the pickles are Alton Brown’s recipes from a pretty hilarious episode of Good EatsCorn Dogs

Dessert: deep fried twix, mars and snickers bars. This is a recipe which took me several attempts to get decent; the best method I found relies on a pancake-like batter and lots of gentle handling whe entering the oil. The batter was a little too runny which is reflected in the general destruction of the twixes (twices? twixen?) but they were still generally delicious…Deep Fried Chocolate Bars


2 Responses to “Deep Fried Love”

  1. 1 deepc

    My goodness!! I knew that Deep Fried Mars Bars were not merely hypothetical, but that I would know someone who has tasted them before is something I wouldn’t have thought possible!

  2. Although I can’t say I’m a fan, a good corn dog does have some great nostalgic value.

    A friend of mine sells meat and poultry to the prison system, she tells me that they order the corn dogs without the sticks!
    Lori Lynn

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