Homemade Hooch


I recently purchased some everclear in Rhode Island for the purposes of making fine cordials like limoncello. In the interest of experimenting as far as my taste buds will let me, I’ve made four different infusions: from left to right, cilantro, chamomile, cardamom-cinnamon-clove, and ginger. In the background there is a home-brew kit sold in Scarborough: pop yeast in the 2L container, and 10 days later you have homemade tasty beer! Not coming soon: bacon liqueur.Potent Potables


4 Responses to “Homemade Hooch”

  1. 1 ~m

    hahahaha… i had lunch here today.

  2. 2 ~m

    hmm. maybe this will work.

  3. Molto bene! I’m glad it wasn’t at Café Sketchy-bootleg-cardamom-cinnamon-clove-alcohol.

  4. a link to this came up on my feed today: http://mixthatdrink.com/skittles-vodka-tutorial/

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