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Deep Fried Love


A big and excellent Valentine’s day party at Tony/Robin/Mehdi’s gave me a chance to test some fryables that, while not good for the heart, are certainly good soul food. Appetizer: deep fried pickles Main course: corn dogs. Both this and the pickles are Alton Brown’s recipes from a pretty hilarious episode of Good Eats Dessert: deep […]

Homemade Hooch


I recently purchased some everclear in Rhode Island for the purposes of making fine cordials like limoncello. In the interest of experimenting as far as my taste buds will let me, I’ve made four different infusions: from left to right, cilantro, chamomile, cardamom-cinnamon-clove, and ginger. In the background there is a home-brew kit sold in […]

I am helping to organize the 2009 Ontario Combinatorics Workshop, which will be held at UW in early May. I haven’t been to any previous instances of this conference but the list of invited speakers is pretty sweet and I hear tell that conference registrants will get some extremely awesome mugs. If you combine, count, […]