Casa Salsa


Casa Salsa

Casa Salsa

The University of Waterloo is finally a top-tier university now that its students can grab a burrito for lunch. Casa Salsa is a Mexican restaurant located in the plaza just east of the university, which opened yesterday in the spot formerly occupied by “Eastern Village.”

This puts an end to my dream to open up the first burrito join in the city, but I can dream anew of eating every burrito that is combinatorially possible. To order, you fill out a slip saying exactly what ingredients you want.

Foiled Again!

Foiled Again!

You choose your filling (chicken, beef, rice+beans, breakfast), one of 6 salsas (mild green, red medium, spicy chipotle, extra hot habanero, spicy green, or mole) and 6 extras. That makes for 1536 possible burritos!

I got chicken with chipotle salsa, feta, tomatoes, onions and lettuce, which cost $6.25. It was quite tasty and compared to the burritos I used to eat as an undergrad, it was somewhat drier but much less salty. The flavours blended well and the shredded chicken had a nice texture.

They are open weekdays 11-9, Saturdays 8-9, and Sundays 8-7. Support your local tacqueria and give it a go!


7 Responses to “Casa Salsa”

  1. 1 lats

    the place always seems to be ridiculously busy. how ong did it take to get your food?

  2. 2 kats

    i know it’s going to be a bad day when i can’t type my own name….

  3. ah, my good friend lartilaya–

    I’ve also heard that it can be busy but at the time I showed up (around 5) there was no wait. Same-ish as the other good eats around campus.

  4. Mexican food in KW?! *stomach growls violently*

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. 5 mothership

    If the math thing doesn’t work out for you I think you have a career as a food critic!

  6. 6 Ed

    I was there when they first opened, the food was OK but the service and ordering method was slow and confusing. However I was there last week and they seemed to have changed alot! The food has tonnes more flavor than before, and they got rid of most of their styrofoam containers!
    I definitely recomend Casa Salsa, either their waterloo or kitchener locations!

  7. 7 EMi

    Casa Salsa’s Original Location is at the Kitchener Farmers Market.
    thats where the Authentic fresh food and original flavours are found.
    The location at waterloo plaza (franchise now closed) had created its
    own menu and versions.
    if you are looking for the real deal check out the Kitchener location.
    unfortunately the hours are limited due to the hours of the farmers
    Tues-Friday 9-5pm, Saturday 7-2pm,

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