I Heart Tap Phong


Dear internet,

I was recently searching for deep fryer accessories (thanks mom!) and other cookware. I was able to find a 4 quart mixing bowl for merely $20 at The Bay! However, based on past experience I skipped this option and continued my search at Tap Phong downtown.

Tap Phong

Tap Phong

I’ve bought spice jars and espresso cups here before on the cheap (it competes pretty well with Dollarama) and was happy to find a mixing bowl for about a quarter of The Bay’s price. They have all sorts of wonderful and crazy stuff here: industrial mixers, 500-count bags of disposable chopsticks, panini presses, etc. If I ever follow through on my post-graduation dream of opening up the first Mexican restaurant in Waterloo this is the first place I will come.

In pursuit of my to-fry list, I obtained the following items,

  • cooling rack for $5
  • long-handled strainer for $2
  • restaurant-style vinegar bottle for $1 (for the forthcoming chips)

So far I have made tasty chips and chicken fingers, although my first attempt at making a deep-fried Mars Bar failed with flying colours.

I also would like to voice, dear internet, my annoyance with Benix & Co. Every time I go past their store, they’re having clearance sales in anticipation of going out of business. But they never close, and their prices are always terrible! They’re certainly not going to get any of my burrito-related business.


One Response to “I Heart Tap Phong”

  1. 1 ~m

    i saw a benix opening sale at fairview mall today. but i’m pretty sure there’s always been a benix there. i mean in the mall, but maybe not in that space. anyway, faux sales are fun. and weeeeird…

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