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Dear internet, I was recently searching for deep fryer accessories (thanks mom!) and other cookware. I was able to find a 4 quart mixing bowl for merely $20 at The Bay! However, based on past experience I skipped this option and continued my search at Tap Phong downtown. I’ve bought spice jars and espresso cups […]

Home Stretch


This term is almost, almost done! Looking back at what I did: wrote a constitution wrote a page about writing constitutions wrote a page about a page about writing constitutions taught game theory aimed at 4th year undergrads taught game theory aimed at high school students games in practice: Megaman 9 and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith […]



I was trying to give an example of a pun yesterday and couldn’t come up with one off the top of my head. I think this recent excerpt from Tom The Dancing Bug would have fit the bill: Last week, I spent some of my time grading part of the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge which […]

Left: Carrot muffins plus rasberries and almonds Right: Corn muffins sans jalapenos Centre: Apple Pie muffins. My first non-topless muffins! — from the muffin archives