Artsy Fartsy


I took a soggy bike ride today to RIM Park in Waterloo to see my friend’s work at the Waterloo Potters’ Workshop sale. I’m happy to say that I now own an original Boucher! It’s the tea cup in the picture below.


Waterloo Pottery

Waterloo Pottery

The thing below which kind of looks like it came from the Dharma Initiative is a spoon rest, which I needed badly. There was a lot of high-quality stuff there and hopefully I have got one xmas gift out of the way.

Another friend of mine will be doing something art-related next month when his band Mint plays at the GSA Semi-Formal. I don’t personally do a lot of visual or music art but I do feel pretty good about having an outlet for creative energy <nerdy> in my math research <\nerdy>. Although it gets a bad rap because some parts of math have NO creativity whatsoever — checking a proof line-by-line, long division, running an algorithm by hand — there are lots of times where using creativity makes a big difference: constructing counterexamples, finding novel proofs, and especially figuring out new research directions. It seems to me that, especially in theoretical computer science, there’s so many bazillions of things to do, all of which are so far removed from their applications, the aesthetics of the results in a paper make a big difference as to whether the paper will be memorable.


2 Responses to “Artsy Fartsy”

  1. 1 mothership

    Hey David. Just thought I’d leave a comment here instead of an e-mail there-just to change it up-I’m sooooo impulsive! I understood the first paragraph but even after a glass of wine the second paragraph was a little fuzzy. Nothing new here except work, clean and sew my little felt things. Not particularly exciting but o.k. by me. Why don’t you consider taking the car for a bit now that gas prices are down a bit? Give yourself a break. We’re all fine here. Over and out Mothership

  2. you biked with pottery? on a snowy/soggy day? living on the (slippery) edge there, dave!

    maybe this should be filed under metacreativity: i’m constantly amazed by the range of creative outlets available to those who keep an eye out. finding those outlets can be an adventure itself.

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