Extreme Leftovers, My Home Edition


On August 17, I held a barbecue at my place. It was a potluck, and as is often the case, the net food contributed exceeded the net food eaten.

I am happy to report that, finally, the 3 containers of sour cream have met the same end as the rest of the leftovers, which is to say, a delicious one.

(1) the grilled queso-and-spanish-rice-stuffed cubanelle peppers helped me conclude that indeed, everything can be made better by adding melted cheese and throwing it on a barbeque

(2) one of several sour cream coffee cakes

(3) sour cream orange muffins. much credit to Mara for letting me know that you can search allrecipes.com by ingredients!

Thanks to the kind folks who contributed to the ingredients, and to eating the cakes. Secret shame: I actually still have leftover cheese (in a kilogram-sized brick) and some hot sauce. It’s free for the taking!


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