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This morning I happened to sleep through a class that I am sitting in on, Combinatorics of finite sets by Penny Haxell, despite setting my alarm plenty early, because I forgot to actually turn the alarm on. When looking for information on what I missed, somehow googling for “frankl-wilson wikipedia” led me to a recent […]

On August 17, I held a barbecue at my place. It was a potluck, and as is often the case, the net food contributed exceeded the net food eaten. I am happy to report that, finally, the 3 containers of sour cream have met the same end as the rest of the leftovers, which is […]

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I started reading non-fiction recently, due in large part to my friend Mara’s choice of birthday gift. Through the course of several bus trips I have read through Flowers for Algernon, Out of Africa, and Le Petit Prince. It’s a big change from me since I hardly remember reading any non-required non-math books in the […]