1. Question of the day: why does Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, still think I like to see my google search results in Icelandic?

2. I finished upgrading the GSA wordpress version to 2.6. I like those wordpress folks, to be able to perform a major upgrade in 15 minutes of my time is pretty sweet.

3. My roommate’s friend Vince played a show at Revolution last night which was pretty sweet. The other 3 band members of Johnny Hollow were a keyboardist, cellist, and guitarist. Why is this in a post called “computers,” you ask? Vince’s instrument was a Thinkpad.


4 Responses to “Computers”

  1. 1 pmelsted

    I don’t get it, why wouldn’t you want to see your search results in Icelandic? Obviously Internet Explorer delivers a superior browsing experience.

  2. It’s great to have an internationally-minded browser. But it makes me feel guilty for still not being able to properly distinguish the pronunciation of Þ and ð.

  3. 3 pmelsted

    Þ is pronounced th and ð is pronounced th. Both letters used to be in English, but apparently the font in the letterpress didn’t come with those two. What was that weird canadian tv show you told me about?

  4. Ah, that’s less confusing.

    That would be Trailer Park Boys. Ironically, I only found out about the show from some of my US friends…

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