Back in Canada


I have been starting to get back into the swing of things now that I am home again. To be precise, I spent 4 days hanging out with my friend Sara in Copenhagen where she’s working this summer, then 8 days in Reykjavik where the ICALP 2008 conference was held.

Northern Europe is well-known for its style and interesting designs (e.g. IKEA). To show off some of the neat stuff I saw, I uploaded an album to Facebook (click here) consisting of different ads and art I saw.

Copenhagen was hugely fun to visit. The city squares there, with cafes and restaurants on each side, were probably the most picturesque that I have seen in my life. For transportation, Copenhagen has “city bikes” that you can rent and take anywhere in the downtown core. Like anything free, I was pretty excited to hear about this, and Sara obliged for us to try them out. They were a little fidgety and hard to adjust, but seemed pretty handy once you get used to them.

Just slightly east of Copenhagen is the hippie community of Freetown Christiania, where I bought some hemp candy. (I think I’m on a candy binge, I bought some bacon lollipops just yesterday.) Going north up the coast, we got to see the museum of modern art and spied Sweden across the Øresund (a strait), and went to the house of Karen Blixen, a famous Danish author.

On my way to Iceland, I was reminded of another Danish author who is pretty awesome, Piet Hein. (Some stuff apparently designed by him was for sale at the airport.) Here is one of his “grooks:”

No cow's like a horse,
and no horse like a cow.
That's one similarity

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