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1. Question of the day: why does Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, still think I like to see my google search results in Icelandic? 2. I finished upgrading the GSA wordpress version to 2.6. I like those wordpress folks, to be able to perform a major upgrade in 15 minutes of my time is pretty […]

Although you usually countdown before something happens, here are the numbers for my trip last week to Iceland.

Back in Canada


I have been starting to get back into the swing of things now that I am home again. To be precise, I spent 4 days hanging out with my friend Sara in Copenhagen where she’s working this summer, then 8 days in Reykjavik where the ICALP 2008 conference was held. Northern Europe is well-known for […]

Iceland Antics


Today is halfway through my visit to Iceland to the ICALP 2008 conference in theoretical computer science. I didn’t bring my camera cable and as such I won’t have pictures to show until I get back home, but here are a couple of interesting things so far: got to eat mink whale meat at the […]