Tag, You’re It


Two of my friends, Mara and Mariel, “tagged” me recently. I, in turn, am tagging some friends. This is some kind of viral phenomenon which I think means you get to mutate the rules as it goes along. So, the mission of Brad, Hilary, Tony, Irene, Ashwyn, and Jenny, should they choose to accept it, is to say some random stuff about themselves having to do with food, music, computers, history, or whatever they feel like. Bonus points if you leave a comment here saying that you put together some answers!

What were you doing 10 years ago? I was either preparing to go to Turkey for my first ever non-US international trip (practicing some algorithms hardcore) or playing megaman, perhaps a combination of both?

Some stuff that you did recently? My antivirus program (AVG) started not working. It insisted on installing a new version, which would always freeze my computer. So the bonus is now I feel like a pirate because I have installed “avast! antivirus.” I also got a chance to go to the UW bike shop to fix my bike.

A snack that you enjoy? Tonight I had me some Samuel Adams Honey Porter and microwaveable popcorn, with some grated parmesan shaken into it.

What music did you recently start listening to? I have Sonny Rollins playing right now, but recently got an album by Paahovarju. Imagine Creedence Clearwater Revival but in Finnish and on acid, that’s what they are.

What are you going to do after you finish writing this? Watch The Daily Show / Colbert Report… in fact I’m a little behind already…


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