Rochester Dogs, Buffalo Wings


This weekend there was a jazz festival in Rochester, NY and one of the live bands, Medeski Martin & Wood, compelled me to get my ass in gear and drive down there. This marks the fourth time I have seen them, each one in a unique state or province. But this was the first time I saw them free! And, ironically, the best seats I have ever had for one of their concerts, thanks to some handy folding chairs.

Before MMW was Joe Bonamassa, who was fairly ridonculous. He said that his first show took place when he was only 12 years old, and wikipedia collaborates his story. The shows were similar in that they had lots of rhythm and funk and were generally awesome; one difference was that me and my friends were in the youngest 10% for Joe’s show, but the oldest 10% (or so it seemed) for MMW.

Between concerts I saw “red and whites” on the menu of one of the street vendors. When I asked what was the difference between the colours the vendor said “you’re not from Rochester, are you?” This piqued my interest and happily, the dog was mighty tasty, despite the unidentifiability of the hot sauce’s ingredients. On the way home we stopped to sample another regional specialty: Buffalo wings. Luckily the information booth attendant on the I-90 stop gave us a hot tip on where to go… whereas Anchor Bar is the originator of said wing, the locals go to Duff’s for their fill of deep-fried goodness. On facebook you can check out this album for a picture of their Death Sauce.


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