T-Shirts Gone Wild


I think some days that I spend too much time typesetting.

This is due to a combination of my job as the “VP Communications & Organization” for the GSA, and using LaTeX to make mathematical papers look nice. But I can see these days that it is sometimes worth the extra effort to make sure things look right.

For example, I started being involved with the GSA during the Universal Bus Pass Referendum last spring. The supporters of a matching undergraduate referendum printed lots of posters proudly emblazoned with “UPASS” all over campus. That was at least a little giggle-inducing.

This week, I’m on campus as a house parent for the Canadian Computing Competition and I noticed the following poster in Ron Eydt Village.

This is part of a larger promotional campaign by housing services involving lots of students wearing t-shirts with residence-friendly slogans such as “Rez fits” and “Noon is my A.M.” The particular t-shirt pictured already raises some technical questions about how you can safely cross ring road on a toboggan, but that’s secondary.

When I happened to go to Engineering 2, I noticed an altered version of the t-shirt. It seems to have been taken down but you can see my dramatization/re-enactment by clicking here. Kind of makes me miss Mad Magazine fold-ins.


One Response to “T-Shirts Gone Wild”

  1. 1 Mariel

    Hey Dave – As demanded by the rules of viral blogging, I’m tagging you. Check out my blog (marieljohn.blogspot.com) for more info on what to do.

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