Computer Science in Maryland


This week I’m attending the American Computer Science League finals with Woburn CI, my alma mater. This is the 15th year the school has attended, and the 9th time that I have been involved. Three of those times were as a student, and the other six times I have supervised, driven and trained in varying quantities. E.g. this year I made up some practice tests (link) for the students and pushed my frisbee-centric agenda upon them (picture above).

Since we’re close to DC, we plan to head there in the days surrounding the competition. On the way here, we swung past Cunningham Falls State Park (photo below @ “Cat Rock”) for a hike. The exercise was welcomed since it seems like we spend an average of 5 hours per day eating in sloooow restaurants. I got some ‘fried corn mush’ at Bob Evans… suffice it to say that (1) it’s much better than it sounds, (2) it comes in slices, and (3) it’s served with warm syrup.


One Response to “Computer Science in Maryland”

  1. 1 Mariel

    You came to Maryland/DC? That’s where Jeff and I live! You’ve got to visit!!!

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