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I think some days that I spend too much time typesetting. This is due to a combination of my job as the “VP Communications & Organization” for the GSA, and using LaTeX to make mathematical papers look nice. But I can see these days that it is sometimes worth the extra effort to make sure […]

This week I’m attending the American Computer Science League finals with Woburn CI, my alma mater. This is the 15th year the school has attended, and the 9th time that I have been involved. Three of those times were as a student, and the other six times I have supervised, driven and trained in varying […]

Witness, if you will, the effects of watching too much iron chef & food network. For the first time in several days I was actually home for dinner; so down to Valumart I headed with an open mind and an empty stomach. On the way there I remembered that my housemate Eric whipped out a […]

Cute Wars


Bella’s new place is pretty close to uptown Waterloo, and as the picture shows, has some nice trees in the backyard. Mind you, they are not Steiner trees. On the right hand side – that’s not Bella’s evil twin, but rather her new housemate Jole. Jole’s much more chilled out than Evarate, but Bella still […]