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Movin’ On Up


Meoow. I’m taking Dave to a new place to live this week! There’s another kitty – long-haired like me – at the new joint. As this will be the last week that I live with Evarate, here is a brief retrospective: 1. Stealin’ my food (right) 2. Video from owner Steve Advertisements

Here’s a problem which I was introduced to in 1997 in Halifax, failed miserably to solve (along with some other students), and then mentioned at a bar and got many people very confused last week. You need to know the definition of a convex set: a set is convex if for each two points u, […]



I got a paper into ICALP-A! This implies that I will be in Iceland in mid-July =) This is a little bitter-sweet only because this is an extended extension of my Master’s work and I have yet for anything Ph.D.-related to be published… still, I’m pretty ridiculously happy about it. My friend Mike who’s playing […]



I (and apparently Bella) are excited that my new laptop has arrived! First order of business, get back to windows xp…