Rise & Shine Bagels


Last night, after spilling beer on nearly half of my thesis committee, I ended up at a friend’s place in uptown waterloo where I crashed for the night. Somewhat randomly, on my way home in the morning, I passed by a place called Rise & Shine Bagels. I had heard acclaim for this place from a former Waterloo postdoc’s blog, so inside I went.

The place is pretty low-key: no cashier or cash register, no storefront, just hundreds and hundreds of bagels in baskets when you walk in the door. I ended up getting a poppy-seed, maritime pumpernickel, and a cinnamon-raisin bagel. They were still hot when I bought them, and after a quick trip to the supermarket for some fruit spread, I disposed of the poppy-seed one. The best part was how it was nice and doughy inside.

The second to go was the pumpernickel, shown in the picture below. Who knows what delicious fate awaits its cinnamon-laden brethren?

Maritime Pumpernickel Bagel from Rise & Shine Bagels


One Response to “Rise & Shine Bagels”

  1. 1 WC

    Nice? Doughy? Remind you of anyone?

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