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ResortWaterloo recently had their reading week (a.k.a Spring Break except spring hasn’t arrived yet) and I got to go with a bunch of friends from school to Cuba! We went to the Villa Cojimar result in Cayo Guillermo and the first picture, at right, is the view out the back door of my room. Needless to say it was plenty warm.

BeachThe recap of the trip was roughly as follows. The first day was basically to explore the resort and get our bearings. Notable things to check out included: the beach (pictured at left), cigars, ron punch, and the buffet with its delicious dwarfy bananas. Surprisingly, almost everyone who did not work at the resort was from Ontario or Québec. In particular, the island was tourist-only and we did not see any actual cities.

SnorkelingOn the second day, after shaking off a mild hangover from the previous night at a disco, we got a little more adventurous. We went snorkeling (picture at right stolen from Al) which was an unreal experience for me; to see the fish so close up, and have them just barely avoid and swim around you, was incredible. Later in the day I played some tennis with Jessica — although running around in the hot sun was a little counterintuitive on a vacation =) In the evening we all went to an à la carte restaurant and got to see an eclipse. The view was awesome!

hutThe third day was a little more low-key. I think it was on that day that we played Bocce, where my team did not quite dominate. One of our favourite hangouts after dark was the hut at the end of the pier (left, photo by Sonia on Jessica’s camera). I had brought a water bottle; it was used for basically everything but water due to the large distance between the hut and the bars.

The fourth day was our last in the sense that we were leaving at 7 am the following morning. Hence, we made the most of our remaining time… we went to a lunch grill instead of the usual buffet and I got to eat some fish served whole, which was a new (and delicious) experience for me. In the afternoon we mixed things up and went to a different beach, more swimmable, and home to some crazy fish! (Does anyone remember its name?) The remainder of the evening resulted in an email address drawn on my arm belonging to someone from St. Catharines. If only I had a peso every time that happened to me!

Overall it was awesome and I would highly recommend it to any students looking to get away on the cheap. Tons of Laurier students were there so I guess they’d agree. Now I have to prepare my thesis proposal presentation for next week but maybe I’ll do so with my feet kicked up like this…


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