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(If you’re reading this in facebook click here to align the pictures correctly) Waterloo recently had their reading week (a.k.a Spring Break except spring hasn’t arrived yet) and I got to go with a bunch of friends from school to Cuba! We went to the Villa Cojimar result in Cayo Guillermo and the first picture, […]

A New Friend


As you may know, I spend a good chunk of time in Toronto, usually when my humanoid Dave is away from Waterloo. His sister Hilary works at a vet clinic and has brought all sorts of crazy animals to the house. This time, though, she was just looking after a pet who owns one of […]

Today I finally had a chance to read the end-of-term evaluations from the game theory course that I taught in the fall term. Overall I was very happy to read the evaluations; it definitely feels that the time which I invested into course preparation and helping students was well-spent. On the back of the (anonymous) […]