Will It Fry?


Yesterday, in the spirit of “Will It Blend?“, I decided to put my culinary creativity to the test. I had a bunch of vegetables, some leftover guacamole from New Year’s, skunky orchard beer, and an empty stomach. My mission: try frying something that had never been fried before.
VeggiesTo be honest, I can’t tell you for sure whether someone has fried guacamole before. But I certainly haven’t seen it done and I lived with a deep fryer for 5 drunken years of undergrad, so I think I may have seen it all. My ammunition for this battle:

  • Fresh jalapeno peppers
  • Red onion
  • Garlic cloves
  • Guacamole
  • Lots of batter (roughly equal parts flour and beer)

Beer BatterI have made onion rings before with delicious results, and we often made fried pickled pepper rings at Theta Xi with the fryolator. Given that onion, peppers, and garlic always seem to hang out together, it looked like a good list of things to fry. The orchard beer was from the fall when I went apple picking in Massachusetts… suffice it to say I was glad to find a creative way to get rid of the stuff.

Frying GuacamoleBattering and frying the vegetables was simple enough. However, frying guacamole is a lot harder than it sounds. The stuff has the consistency of chunky batter to begin with, so I tried to mash it into some cubed “corn” bread I had purchased a couple of days earlier. A quick dip into the batter and it was almost ready to go. The plan hit a snag however when the guacamole/bread nugget broke in half during the battering process. Thus two guacamole fritters resulted, as shown in the picture.

Fried Everything


  • Red onion: Quite tasty. I think it was not quite as good as doing it with the more classical vidalia onion.
  • Fresh jalapeño: Somehow, the fried fresh jalapenos were much less spicy than I expected. Both fresh raw and pickled fried are hot enough to discourage most sane people from munching on them, but what I made was downright mild. Maybe some oil chemistry problem.
  • Garlic: First of all, I do not recommend battering and frying whole cloves of garlic, unless you’re being attacked by a deep-fried vampire. It was raw at the centre =(. However the garlic slices turned out pretty neat. Pub food meets the mediterranean.
  • Fried GuacamoleGuacamole: This actually turned out ok. I had planned to make a few of these babies, but due to the difficulty of construction and borderlines grossness I only made two. Pictured at the left is what the larger one looked like after I cut into it. Texture: somewhat like pleasingly crunchy on the outside, smooth and squishy on the inside. I give it 7 fryolators out of 10.

That wraps up the report. Nothing left to say but:

YES, it fries!

The Tasting


2 Responses to “Will It Fry?”

  1. 1 mothership

    I thiught you were joking about the fried guacamole. I bought a pasta roller and made ravioli for dinner. I bet that would taste pretty darn good deep fried. Don’t tell our arteries though. Oky-doky. See ya later.

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