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The following people have too much time on their hands: 1) My friend Matt who made a Tanqueray cake. 2) Whoever made the Scrabulous song. 3) Me, for writing about this. That is all! Advertisements

Such a weird, weird, song. (Caution, the link contains 80’s hair.) Nonetheless, I’m going to the Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) for the next few days!

I wrote earlier about Tim Hortons theiving a style of muffin from Starbucks. Well, (and this is old new by now), Starbucks has loaded up it guns and shot back with their own: they serve Top Pot Donuts at certain locations. This picture is of a Top Pot Apple Fritter, which I got while visiting […]

This one comes from Donald Knuth, who is rather well-known for writing a number of good books and inventing TeX (which is what mathy people use to make pretty formulas). Without further ado, here is the Las Vegas Theorem: Suppose we have a finite network of one-way roads containing a distinguished city, Las Vegas, with […]

Will It Fry?


Yesterday, in the spirit of “Will It Blend?“, I decided to put my culinary creativity to the test. I had a bunch of vegetables, some leftover guacamole from New Year’s, skunky orchard beer, and an empty stomach. My mission: try frying something that had never been fried before. To be honest, I can’t tell you […]