Speed Ultimate


To my happy surprise, it looks like I’ll get a chance to play Ultimate this term in a WODS league! The WODS league is slightly different from what me and my friends have previously played in — namely, it’s continuous play or “speed ultimate”.

So that the information can be put out and googled for all to see, here is the answer that I got from a league organizer regarding “what are the main differences between Ultimate and Speed Ultimate?”

For the most part, the game remains unchanged except there are only 2 “pulls”… once to start the first half and again to start the second half.

After you score, hold the disc in the air to signal a point scored and then place the disc on the ground. Do not hand the disc to a player on the other team. Put the disc on the ground so everyone, score keeper included, knows that a point was scored. When the team now starts on offence, they must complete at least 1 forward pass before scoring on the opposing endzone (i.e. you can not get scored on, pick up the disc and throw it all the way down field to score a point yourself… at least one pass must happen first… it is a turnover if you score on the first pass… also… this rule does not apply to a turnover (i.e. if your opponent turns over the disc without scoring you may score on the first throw from anywhere on the field).

When you are scored on, the opponent places the disc on the ground. You play it from your own endzone (i.e. where they place the disc on the ground) and do not bring it up to the endzone line.

A disc that goes out of bounds or hits an out of bounds object is brought back inbounds at the point where it crossed the boundary line (much like regular ultimate except it happens alot because of walls, etc).

The game moves very quickly and you want to keep the disc moving. You will very rarely want the disc longer than a few stall counts. (You can practice moving the disc very quickly and timing cuts to a handler receiving a pass).

Clogging is a very serious consideration. Since it is a confined space (a little larger than a basketball court), your cuts must be well timed to your teammates and you need to clear the cutting lanes very quickly since the size of the cutting lanes are reduced. (Practice making space on the field and being aware of where your other players are, where they are going and what they are doing).

You shift / sub on the fly… but you may wish to consider only subbing on offence. If you sub on D, you will often see your player, completely unattended, catching the disc in the endzone 😉

Basically, if you practice, you want to get your team ready to move the disc quickly with relatively short passes. Teams excel when the disc does not stop moving (ie. lots of tic-tac-toe plays for a score). Consider going in to a basketball court and putting 10 people on the court. It will give you some perspective on the size and limited space. Work on cutting drills that promote constant movement and continuous changing of angles of cuts. In this league, you will rarely (if ever) stand still on the field. You need to keep moving.

I was very glad to hear that methamphetamines were not involved.


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