Curbing Academic Honesty


I ran across a paper citing the following:

Austin M J and Brown L D (1999). Internet plagiarism: developing strategies to curb student academic honesty. The Internet and Higher Education 2, 21–33.

Thankfully, the cited work has a slightly different title in real life.

The two authors who made this citation seem to have 2 additional papers all based on the same data, in addition to this weird typo. I think I’ll stick to other sources for my research project…

UPDATE: Another paper on education had the following to say:

We have conducted some studies of the use of two existing collaborative adventure games: Gauntlet (a “dungeons and dragons” game for up to 4 players on the Atari-ST) and Xybots (a D&D video arcade game for 2 players-also by Atari). Our interest in this study has been two-fold …

… preliminary results from the computer based work suggest that cooperation is better with the more impoverished representation of Gauntlet.

Although it’s certainly true that Gauntlet was one of the ST’s best, this also qualifies the paper for doofosity…


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