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Speed Ultimate


To my happy surprise, it looks like I’ll get a chance to play Ultimate this term in a WODS league! The WODS league is slightly different from what me and my friends have previously played in — namely, it’s continuous play or “speed ultimate”. So that the information can be put out and googled for […]

I ran across a paper citing the following: Austin M J and Brown L D (1999). Internet plagiarism: developing strategies to curb student academic honesty. The Internet and Higher Education 2, 21–33. Thankfully, the cited work has a slightly different title in real life. The two authors who made this citation seem to have 2 […]

Auction Bling


The FCC will be auctioning off part of the US wireless spectrum in a little more than a month. I tried for a while to get some information on what sort of auction mechanism will actually be used and seem to have found out that: (page 19) … the bidding methodology for Auction 73 will […]