A New Old Programming Contest


The Google Code Jam is a contest sponsored by Google that has run for 4 years. Until now it has been hosted by TopCoder but they appear to be changing from that format and running it all by themselves.

There is a “beta” contest running on November 15 for the new system: you can sign up here. The registration is limited to the first 500 people who sign up. Top finishers get free “Google Store Coupons” and t-shirts. Soon they will probably have their own currency, gbucks, to give away as prizes…

I made the finals twice in the past and in the most recent one there was a “bug” which froze the system during the contest so I am looking forward to the new (and improved?) system.


One Response to “A New Old Programming Contest”

  1. 1 bugzpodder

    I guess they were trying to allow arbitrary programming languages. But the system is too easy for people to pass code around.
    AllTheCleverNamesAreGone = Ralph Furmaniak

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