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It looks like Tim Hortons has ripped off a white-sugary-goo-filled pumpkin muffin idea from Starbucks. You can judge for yourself: Starbucks’ is at right, introduced 2005 or earlier, while Timmy’s at left was introduced this year. The Starbucks muffin pic is from pumpkinpassion, a pumpkin food blog. Advertisements

One well-known problem in mathematics is to determine the minimum number of colours that map-makers can use to draw a map such that adjacent countries are always coloured differently. Let’s assume that countries always consist of a single connected region — this disallows islands and would exclude some real-life regions like Palestine. Also, let us […]

By sheer coincidence, I just started teaching a section on expected value in game theory AND there is a post on a CS theory blog about expected value in “deal or no deal” AND I won 400 tickets playing “deal or no deal” at the Good Times Emporium over the weekend (see picture, right). In […]

Sneaky Guy


Just to give you an idea of how my day-to-day life has been with Everett around… I can’t even take a nap on my own cat toys without having him poke his business in my affairs. Luckily I am currently staying at the “Arbour Villa” spa in Toronto with my buddies Mango and Phoenix, away […]