Photos and Programs


Kitchener KreepiesC’est What TapsWith my new camera I have an album of a few photos to show off from the weekend. On Friday night I went to The Wax in Kitchener and took some photos along the way home; Saturday night was C’est What in Toronto and imbibed several tasty beers, including Hop Addict, Peppermint Porter, Homegrown Hemp Ale, and Hazelnut Chocolate Stout.

In other news, I advanced through round 3 of the TopCoder Collegiate Challenge. The hardest problem of that set was very interesting, because it exhibits a big theory-vs-practice issue. Of the four correct solutions, the two fastest ones (1 2) are both theoretically incorrect. For each one, there exists a specific test case that would break it (by causing a “hashing collision”). But, it is difficult to find such a test case (probably just about impossible to do by hand) and indeed, nobody managed to do so in the 15 minute challenge phase. It just goes to show you that it’s not always great to be working on problems at too-highly theoretical levels, since this kind of optimization would not be thought up.


One Response to “Photos and Programs”

  1. 1 mothership

    I haven’t got a clue what you said about top coder but the beer sounded good.

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