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There is apparently a rock-paper-scissors contest, where you program a strategy in C++, to be hosted at UW in the first weeks of November. Registration goes until October 12. The exact rules are not yet announced, but here is a link to the announcement. Advertisements

Weird Dream


Have you ever had that dream, you know, the one where you’re in some sort of a competition to decorate a scaled-down airplane in an Egyptian theme, and you have to put it in a “crypt”, which is actually a very large clothes dryer? No? Well, I must be the only one. In retrospect it […]

On October 10, there will be a provincial election in Ontario as well as an Ontario-wide referendum. I’m mentioning it for a number of reasons: I was not completely pleased with the result of the last referendum in which I took part; as a result grad students at UW don’t have bus passes =( The […]

With my new camera I have an album of a few photos to show off from the weekend. On Friday night I went to The Wax in Kitchener and took some photos along the way home; Saturday night was C’est What in Toronto and imbibed several tasty beers, including Hop Addict, Peppermint Porter, Homegrown Hemp […]

All the way from Scarborough via the internet comes the following (click to enlarge):

Finally it looks like the summer is coming to an end, since classes at UW start tomorrow. On Tuesday I am teaching for the first time; the class is CO 456, Introduction to Game Theory. 1000 km away, Lauren is also teaching: she’s been assigned to two sections of a Spanish class at UMass Amherst. […]

New Place


 This is a quick picture of Bella with her new housemate Everett… meanwhile Sam is back in North Carolina chilling with Igor and his other buds. More pictures will come once Dave gets a camera with a working flash…