iPinions: these are my opinions, and they’re not quite reviews so they don’t belong on epinions, but they are on the internet and they’re mine…

(5/5) UW Grad house food.  I got the special today and it came with a side of potato salad. Not the nasty mayo-filled KFC kind, and not even the bacon-filled monstrosities that I attempted earlier this summer. It was damned good. It had cucumber! I hear they might have “beer combos” in the fall.

(4/5) UW Columbia Icefield Gym. The nearby PAC gym at Waterloo was closed today so I took the extra 5 minute hike from my office to the other major gym on campus. The gym has natural light, lots of space, many machines, disinfectant+rags for the machines, magazines, and a lack of odor! If it weren’t for the 5 minute walk it would get 5/5.

(3/5) Greyhound, Verizon. I finally got an acknowledgement from Greyhound about a Dec ’06 compaint; the issue was a driver ignored me standing in front of the bus for 5 minutes, and then took off. No free stuff, but they did apologize. Verizon recently refunded extra weird charges I get on my North America’s Choice plan, although it looks like rather than fix the problem I’ll just get more refunds in the future.

(1/5) MDG Computers. For my mom’s upcoming birthday my family wants to get her a computer of her own. So I went downtown yesterday to MDG to investigate an online $600 special with lots of freebies. I saw a lot of bad reviews online (mostly of the Scarburb location) but figured it would be worth checking out… when I get there I’m informed the computer would have no way to connect to the internet and no upgradability, unless I buy a $120 adapter. As usual, if it looks too good to be true, it is.

Off the charts: My fiancee Lauren returned from Europe. If you click on her picture on the right-hand navigation you can see a bunch of albums of her various trips.


3 Responses to “iPinions”

  1. 1 k3v

    What does “no upgradability” mean?? Does it even have USB ports? you could buy a wifi USB adapter — tada internet access. Thos aren’t $120…rip off!

  2. It had some USB ports but no PCI ports… generally speaking it sounded scammish and the storefront was pretty ghetto, so away I went.

  3. So, I assume the point of visiting the gym was at least in part to get some sort of exercise. With that in mind, I don’t see why walking an extra 5 minutes to the gym is bad.. it’s just 5 more minutes of exercise.

    It always amuses me when people drive to the gym, only to spend their time there running on a treadmill. Might as well run to the gym, no?

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