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This better-know-a-theorem entry requires a bit of terminology and a story… but it is kind of neat because my actual research is closer to this stuff than any of my previous b-k-a-t posts. (I mean in an abstract sense, I have not actually gone to the fruit market as part of my classes.) A linear […]

Movin’ on Up


At the end of the month I’m moving out of my current residence and moving into a place about 1/2 km westward. As such, my landlords have taken it upon themselves to fix some of the problems with my place, like this formerly-water-damaged wall. I also got a new stove, which is nice because we […]

I looked for some information today on Toronto breweries so that I could visit a couple with my brother. Here’s the lineup of what I found: Steam Whistle (near CN tower; visit it before it turns into a Leon’s!) Granite Brewery (Yonge & Mt. Pleasant) Amsterdam Brewery (Lakeshore & Bathurst) Great Lakes Brewery (Queensway & […]



iPinions: these are my opinions, and they’re not quite reviews so they don’t belong on epinions, but they are on the internet and they’re mine… (5/5) UW Grad house food.  I got the special today and it came with a side of potato salad. Not the nasty mayo-filled KFC kind, and not even the bacon-filled […]

Rib Fest!


This weekend is Caribana weekend in Toronto and on the news some anchor said, “If Paris is the city of lights, then Toronto is the city of festivals.” My buddy k3v might agree. I have heard of the jazz festivals, the “taste of the danforth” Greek food festival and “summerlicious,” a beer festival, a comedy […]

Poor Mango


My buddy Mango just found out some sad news… she has Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. Rather than the typical stages of grief she went through lick butt confusion and inability to pronounce eating bugs nap under a chair meow? The actual issue is that she would get swelling of the paws and lips, and a limp […]

Two Talks Today


I got to see a couple of good talks today by other students at Waterloo. First, my roommate Igor gave his Master’s thesis presentation. His talk was centered around finding dominating sets in Kneser graphs, and generalizations. Many of his results were summarized in a table regarding upper and lower bounds. A single entry of […]