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1) Got to see the Simpsons movie. I think it was better than the Family Guy movie but not as good as South Park… now I’m just waiting for Futurama. 2) Went to the Brick Brewery’s “Red Baron” Lounge with brother, his girlfriend and another friend. Combined two of my favourite things: beer and free […]

I was reading a book called “Luck, Logic & White Lies” over the weekend, to prepare to teach a game theory course next term. It pointed out a couple of other “solved” games of a different nature. Checkers is a game with no hidden information and no simultaneous moves. Any game of this sort always […]

I spent a few of the last 24 hours on buses reading game theory books. And today, I found out a neat result connected to my reading: someone has recently (with the aid of vast computational power) “solved” checkers. Specifically, if either plays “perfectly”, they can at least guarantee a draw; neither player has a […]

Rather than a complete explanation, today is an excerpt from “Combinatorial Optimization” by Lex Schrijver; if for no other reason, because of the name (tied for best with the “hairy ball theorem”). A. Frank in 1982 showed the following ‘discrete sandwich theorem’ (analogous to the ‘continuous sandwich theorem’, stating the existence of a linear function […]

It’s summer!


Everyone, even my cat, knows that summer has finally arrived. Yesterday was the Combinatorics & Optimization department’s potluck picnic, and if you have signed up for a facebook account, you can see some pictures from it here. It was a little too windy for frisbee (which didn’t completely stop us) but lots of croquet and […]



The weather has finally turned nice and so I’ve re-taken my favourite spot in the whole house!Of course, the humans are enjoying the sun too, running around in the fields of goose poop. The only bad side is that weird things start to happen this time of year:It looks to me like a giant mouse! […]

Aside from watching tv, I have indulged in a few other wastes of time over the past few weeks. Some people from the fraternity in which I lived as an undergraduate sent me Desktop Tower Defense, which reminded me of StarCraft… finally though I think that particular game has run its course and I’m no […]